Keith Dougherty, MCSE
Keith is a #1 best selling author, entrepreneur , speaker, performance coach, and host of Top Agent Radio.
Starting out Keith first entered corporate America in 1993 and began working on computers. That led to him becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. After 9/11 he had a strong desire to give back and make a difference, so he up and changed careers all together. He left the MCSE world behind and become a police officer for the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department in Florida.
After a few years on the job, Keith still had the desire to follow his passion of business and he founded his first company. Within one year's time he built the business to $1.2 million dollars. Following that up, with is proven drive and business savvy, he doubled sales the very next year topping $2.4 million.
Then, he decided to move on from that venture and move into building a full service marketing, branding and sales organization. In doing so he has sold millions online since 2009 and now he works with businesses that want to build a solid brand, improve performance, and take advantage of emerging technologies to increase sales and profits.
When You Want...

Guaranteed Results

Service is our priority. With that we guarantee all of our clients will achieved the desired result. We have a 100% success rate to date and we don’t intend to change that any time soon.

Measured Success

Every service we offer is fully measurable. Being able to measure results means you get concrete proof of the success of your campaign. From our Guaranteed Best Seller program, to our full media exposure, everything is tracked and fully documented.

Proven Systems

The way we can guarantee our results with 100% certainty is because we use a fully time tested proven system. We believe in utilizing a strict process to be able to continuously replicate success for each and every one of our very satisfied clients.
Specialized Branding
Every organization has a value proposition that defines why people should do business with that organization. You may never have clearly defined yours, but it exists nonetheless. The more you can show your specialty the more apt not only to get customers, but also to command a premium price.
Best-Selling Author
When you think about a best-selling author, what do you think? Most people immediately associate the title “expert.” By not only publishing in a book in your industry, but having it be a best-selling one, that will elevate your positioning in your market instantly.
PR Media Mentions
When you specialize and produce content such as a best-selling book that is media worthy. By leveraging the power of publicity you can be seen on many popular affiliates like NBC, ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, Forbes and many others. This helps to further establish more authority for you.
Social Media Presence
In this modern day and age you need to be present where you potential customers are. Having the right social media presence is key to expanding your market share. Not only have the presence, but having the right presence to drive new business.
Online Traffic
When it comes to traffic, our area of specialization is Facebook ads and retargeting. We can get results for all clients that are a good fit on these platforms.
Conversion and Optimization
Our area of specialization is building marketing funnels that generate leads . We handle all aspects of the funnel build: copywriting, graphic design, web development and advanced technical implementation.
Consulting and On-Site Education
If you need direct help with your online sales system or lack there of, we can setup a personalized consulting package to help you get the right pieces in place to maximize your ROI. Most companies do not have the right systems in place to take advantage of all the full profit potential there is available to them.
PUBLISH TO PROFIT - #1 Best Seller in Marketing
A Proven 4-Step System For Attracting New Higher Paying Customers
The primary objective of this book is to give you the strategy behind using a book in your business. This is more of the why than the exact how-to process. If you are looking to make prospects come to you, differentiate yourself from the competition, increase your rates and your profits, then this is the book for you.
Tap Into The Power of Expert Branding and Positioning To:
  • Make Prospects Come To You
  • Separate Yourself From The Competition
  • Position Yourself As the Trusted Adviser
  •  Increase Your Rates and Profits
  •  Get In Front of Your Ideal Prospects
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it's not monday's fault - #1 Best Seller in Marketing
Discover How to Break-Free From the 9-5 and Create Your Own Personal Freedom
Are you sick of the daily grind? If you are sick of the 9-5 or the 8-2 or the 7-7, then I am about to make your day. I personally fought through all the crap online and found a proven system that allowed me to have my personal freedom. I have decided to reveal that system for you here today. 
Discover how to:
  • Use the proven 3 step mindset transformation system to launch your new business (anyone can do it) 
  • Use the keys to market selection and the big four markets (you are almost guaranteed success with one of these)
  • Create your own product with the hybrid method (use this and you can't lose) 
  • Drive free and paid traffic to your new product to generate sales (this is where it gets fun) 
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Local Celebrity
A Hands-On Guide To Rise Above Your Competition and Control The Market
Do you want more business? The best way to get more business is to stand up and stand out in your local community. As a local celebrity you will gain the attention of the local public and have the ability to get more customers all while using online marketing technologies that everyone has access to.
In this hands on guide you will discover how to control your local market and to create your own status as a local celebrity. Inside you will see how to use the cutting edge marketing tactics that the industry professionals have been using for years.
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Page One or Die
The Hidden Truth Behind Getting Your Website on Page One of Any Search Engine
Learn how to have a website that captures the attention of your customer. Having the best website does not mean you will get business. You must be on page one of the search engines to be seen. Go behind the scenes and learn what only and industry professional can teach you about search engine optimization.
The Hard Facts About The Internet:
  • 83% of People First Search Online Before Making a Purchase
  • 1 out of 3 of All Online Searches are Local Searches
  • Over 2.6 Billion Local Searches are Performed Online Every Month
  • 98% of People Choose a Business on Page One 
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