4 Step Blueprint for Giveaways

Gift BoxPeople are asking me how I am using the new plugin I told you about. I am going to give you my blueprint for getting sales with this.

Step 1 – Find two related products to promote via your store on Aliexpress. So for example, if I was going to go after the teachers niche, I would find say a bracelet and a necklace.

Step 2 – Setup both products on my site as giveaway items. Free plus shipping. I like using $6.99 for my shipping and handling fee.

Step 3 – Setup a simple quiz using the new plugin (get it here if you haven’t ==> http://clkhere.us/pf )

I would setup up both products and allow people to choose.

Step 4 – Setup a FB ad to the quiz and use a photo of both items. I would say: “Which one would you want for free?”

Keep it simple, then when they choose which one they would like, redirect them to the giveaway page.

NINJA Tactic: On both giveaway items on your site, I would make sure both products are related. So they both show up. You could even put a link from each product to the other product. This will allow people to select both items from you.

There you have it, now just put it to work. This is what I am setting up as we speak.

If you have not got the plugin yet, get it here:

==> http://clkhere.us/pf

Have a great day,
Keith Dougherty

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