Do you have all the success you want? If not, use the blueprint today!

What Is Success?

Success can be defined as many different thing by many different people.  You have to know what YOU want to achieve for yourself. 

In order to help you get to where you want to go, I have created the Success Achievement Blueprint.  Let’s take a look at the steps you can follow to realize your own personal success.

Step 1 – Write Out Your Desired Outcome.  I have found that actually sitting down with a pad of paper and a pen and writing out my desired outcome works best for me.  I make a physical commitment to it by doing this.  So if you want to create your own product or setup a new blog, write it down and make a firm commitment.

Step 2 – Break Down Into Smaller Measurable Tasks.  Now that we know the end goal, we can work backwards.  I know it sounds funny, that you would work backwards, but this really does work.  So if we want to create a new product, we would map out smaller tasks that would get us there.  So for creating a product I might need to do the following:

Niche / Marketing Research

Gathering Information online for the content of the product

Mindmapping out the product

Creating a video for each step of the product

Producing the videos

Uploading the videos to my site

Step 3 – Schedule Tasks For Completion.  In this step we take our above tasks and we give them a hard date.  So I get my calendar out and map things out.  I have found that I can be most productive in 3-4 hour buckets of time.  Every now and then you can push the envelop and go more, but you want to avoid burnout.  So I might say that I am going to start my Niche / Market research on Monday at 9am.  I am going to spend only 1 hour on that task and then move onto the next task.  Give yourself specific time frames to stay within.  You brain will rise to the challenge, you have to just schedule your time to make it happen.

Step 4 – Visualize Your Success Daily.  A lot of people do not do this.  But take a few minutes each day to think about your end goal.  How it will make you feel to achieve it.  How things will be different in your life.  This does not have to be long, but just take time to think through it.  See yourself performing the tasks with minimal effort and getting them done on time each and every day.  This visualization technique is uses by some of the most successful athletes and business people in the the world.  Your mind is a powerful too, use it.

Step 5 – Complete Task with Reward.  It is always good to reward yourself with each success you hit.  This helps reaffirm the end goal and makes you feel good.  It could be ask simple as, take a quick 10 minute break and treat yourself to your favorite drink or a quick walk.  Do something for the success, even if it is small. 

Step 6 – Success Achieved.  Now you have walked the walk right.  You have achieved the end goal, now you are ready to move onto the next goal.  Keep stacking your success achievements and you will end up with bigger and bigger success.  Success is driven by momentum.  The more you more and achieve the bigger and bigger things will get for you.

Now it is your time to take your own action for success.  I have found that the quickest way to build a real residual business is to find someone who has achieved what you want, your desired outcome and then copy them.  The easiest way to do this is via personal coaching.  With the holiday coming upon us, I have decided to reopen my Priority VIP coaching for a limited time.  I have limited spots available, at the time of this post there was just 4 left.

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I hoped you enjoyed this session on the success achievement blueprint.  Until next time, have a great day and God Bless!

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