Honor and Praise


Honor and praise.  That is what we should be doing for our veterans as well as people in our lives on a daily basis.  Some have given the ultimate sacrifice and for that we owe them a huge debt of gratitude.  I think sometimes we and me personally take things for granted.  Maybe the fact that we live in a free country here in the U.S.  That fact alone makes this a great nation.  Maybe the fact that around the world we have the ability to create our own international business.  

The internet has given birth to great opportunity and some continue to chase it on a daily basis.  You may even have days where you think, “I have spent all of the time and money and I just can’t make this work.”  I know that I had days like that myself.  It always seemed like no matter how much training, no matter how much I thought I knew there always seemed to be one thing missing.  It felt like I had bought one of those huge puzzles, had it all laid out on the floor, and I get down to the last piece and it is not there, I look around and cannot find it.  I was so close, but for some reason I could not put all the pieces together.   Until one day things all changed for me.  

One day all of the pieces came together for me and since then I have never looked back and for over 3 years I have had the true blessing of running my own international marketing business.  Because of all of the success that I have been able to enjoy, I always try to give back whenever I can.

You can give back in many different ways and I choose to do that in e 3 key areas.  


The first is my family.  I always try to be there for my family when they need me.  I am there for my wife, my kids no matter what they need.  Sometimes it is just taking the time to be with them and cherish every moment that we have.  I would not have that working a regular job.


The second area is to give back is spiritually.  Every single dollar that is brought into my life, I give at minimum 10% back to the church.  Having God present in my life and living by the principles that he set out is what has made me who I am today.  This is a vital part of continuing to grow and prosper even in the worst economic times out there.  Think how it would feel to be able to help others whenever they need it.  Maybe buying someone’s groceries at the store, or picking up the check for a family while you are out to dinner.  Planting these seeds are what they call paying it forward.  

Quick story:  I remember one time my wife and the kids were eating at Red Lobster (not my first choice) but we overheard the couple behind us.  They were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary and they were talking how their kids were out of state and could not be there to celebrate with them.  I quickly got our waitress, who was theirs too, and had her bring me their check.  I paid the bill in full for them.  The waitress was so surprised by our generosity, she told them.  I am not one to brag about things and I did not even want them to know.  But they were so joyed that we shared in their special moment, the lady almost began to cry.  They were so grateful.  

The really cool thing in my mind was, we were able to reach out and bless someone else.  We also showed the waitress that there are good people in humanity and people do care about other people.  


The third area is my brothers and sisters.  I truly believe that if you are blessed that you need to bless as many other people as possible.  I mainly fulfill this area by teaching and giving back to my fellow brothers and sisters.  The more people I can help; the more success I get to experience in my life.  The more you do your success grows in an exponentially.  It is truly all about what you believe in and how you take action.  Are you taking the right action today to get to where you can fulfill all of your dreams and desires?

A special thanks again to Veteran’s out there that have given so much and continue to give on a daily basis so that we can experience this free nation.


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I hoped you enjoyed this session on the success achievement blueprint.  Until next time, have a great day and God Bless!





  • Randy Seville

    November 11, 2012

    You have been a Great help in your trainings in helping me progress with my business

  • Gerald Doggett

    November 17, 2012

    Love this. Happy to know you and can personally verify the statements are true, and accurate. You, Sir, are a blessings to more than you know. I have high respect for you, and your family. Blessings as our journey continues.

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