How much do you want it?

2015-08-14 08.31.45 HDR-2You should start each day out asking yourself that question.  How much do you want it? It can be applied to anything you want to have success at. For example, I have taken up playing tennis again, I did not play much since high school, but I started playing again and I love it.

There are stages with anything, whether it be a sport or running your successful business. You may dabble a little. That is what I did it first. I started playing with a few people where I live, nothing serious, just kinda having fun. Then I started to really want to play more, like 5-6 times a week. But, at the same time I wanted to get better.

Next phase, I needed a coach to get better. So I got one and my game dramatically improved. But, that was not enough. I was still out of shape, next step, get a personal trainer and get in better physical shape.

So I went from hobby kinda having fun, to now I am playing tournaments and trying to do anything I can to be the best and continue to move up my ranking.

For example, this morning probably while all my competition might have been sleeping I was at my personal trainer making my body better. Building and getting strong. I then went to the tennis courts and I hit 314 servers. Yeah you read that right, I hit 314 serves, why because my competition is probably not doing that. I will do what I have to, to make sure I am the best I can be.

How does this relate to business. The best way to do this same thing with your business is to always trying to be better than your competition. There are things you can change today on your Shopify site that will make for a better user experience and help you increase conversions without getting more traffic.

My good friends at Rapid Crush Inc have teamed up with Ezra Firestone. This guy is a pure genius and mad scientist when it comes to split testing, tracking, and making this better. They recently had a webinar where they show you how to make small changes to your site that will give help you increase your profits, all without getting more traffic to your site. Make sure you watch it all and have a notepad ready you will need it. The information that is shared on the call could easily be sold as a high-end product.

Go here to watch it now:


I would watch it soon as they will be taking it down on August 19th at midnight. Watch it and take lots of notes and then use what they tell you.

Remember, make it a great day.


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