Review of Timer Magic

I purchased a copy of Timer Magic today and I have to say I am impressed. At the early release price of just $7 bucks this tools has a lot of power. You can add countdown timers to your emails and to any site you want with this. Like this:

This offer expires at 3 Days 13 Hours 6 Minutes 0 Seconds

That is when this offer goes away.  Want to get your own access for just $7 bucks – click here

The have many other times, click the link and watch the sales video, it is not long and shows all the power of the tool.

You can use it for:

  • email marketing
  • affiliate marketing
  • webinar marketing
  • product sales
  • bonus offers
  • special offers

Any time you want to push people to make a decision you put a time limit on it, this will increase sales for you. Anyways, check it out here.

Keep in mind they are closing this special promotion in:

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