Why Are You Failing?

61yearsOn October 1st, 2013, my grandparents celebrated 61 years of marriage.  First off, I have to say how awesome it is to be their grandson, and secondly what can we learn from them.  I mean they have been around a lot longer than me and probably most of you reading this.  I always like to try and relate success in any part of life to business, because I truly feel there are common traits that can crossover.

The Secret Sauce

It is really not so secret, but the foundation of their 61 years is built on a few things.  The first is obvious, they have great love for each other and for their family.  True love can walk through a lot and still come out the other side.  This day and age people seem to think that everything is disposable.  Oh, we don’t get a long, we had a fight, with the first sign of unhappiness they jump ship and have moved on.  It is hard to blame them with society the way it is.  Look all around you, everyone wants instant gratification, or a quick fix, or just a pure handout. People seem to want the easy way out.  It is just plain easier to blame someone else for their own shortcomings versus taking responsibility for their own life and making it what they want.

The second area that has held their marriage together all these years is commitment.  They made a vow before God and their friends and family that they would be together until death do us part.  How many people really acknowledge the power of that commitment.  It should not be taken lightly.  It should not be taken with the thought of, well if this does not work out, no big deal, I will get a divorce.  That mindset along will set you up for a failure before you even get started. You have to make a real and honest commitment to follow through on your word.  This is true in personal relationships as well as business.

The third area is consistency.  I know that seems obvious again here, but it needs to be said.  My grandfather was consistent, my grandmother knew what to expect from him and what he would be able to provide for her.  Likewise my grandfather knew the same of my grandmother.  At times roles were reversed and they both shared many hats in the lives.  The bottom line is, they were consistent and always there for each other when the other one needed them.  They did not have to guess if they would have support, they just knew.  They stayed the course and have been on course for 61 years.  Are you consistent in your life?  How about with your business?

Shift Gears To Your Business

Let’s continue down the path with commitment.  How much of a commitment did you honestly make to your business.  Are you really walking the walk or just talking the talk?  A real business is established. A real business has a business plan to follow to achieve goals and objectives.  If you are just going from one business idea to the next, you have not make a firm real commitment to having a successful business.  Have you chosen the flavor of the day or the week?  Maybe this week you are running a consulting business, but last week you were doing affiliate marking, and the week before that you were building a list.  Does that sound familiar?  It’s ok, I am not judging you.  I did the same thing and I will be the first to admit how wrong it was. Even to this day if I am not getting the results I want out of my business it is because I shifted my commitment to something else and I am not focusing on what I should be.  I have learned to quickly catch myself and readjust my priorities.

How about consistency.  Consistency and commitment go hand and hand.  Did you make a commitment to run a certain type of business and did you follow it up with consistency?  I am not talking about trying it out for a day or two.  It seems like there are new ideas coming out everyday.  It is no wonder than one of the major things my coaching students say is that they have information overload.  But who is to blame for that?  If you have a clear business model, you are commitment to making it work, and you are consistently working towards your end goal nothing should get in your way.  But if you are partially committed, you think it might work, you are trying it out, and you are not focused you will fail I will almost guarantee it.

Most business models work.  Whether it is affiliate marking, CPA marketing, product creation, list building, offline consulting, I don’t care what it is, they all work.  I was not the first person to be successful with any of these, and I will not be the last. The key is that I chose one at a time and I made a real commitment to it.  I was consistent with my approach and I followed through until I had the end goal I wanted. It could take weeks, months or even years to really have success. The harder you work for the end goal, the better it is when you get there. Take your eye off the ball and you won’t hit it, I promise you that.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here.  Tony Robbins says it best when he says, find someone who has what you want, find out how they did it and duplicate it.  Basically tap into other people’s success and model your business after them.

Your Marching Orders

Find someone who has what you want, find out how they did it, then model your business after them.  Make a real commitment to the business and focus with laser precision on the end goal.  Make sure you are consistent each and every day working towards the finish line.  Do this and you will be farther along than the others out there that have information overload on a daily basis.

This is dedicated to my loving and awesome grandparents, Ron and Joyce.  May you have many more years ahead of you, and thank you for your commitment and consistency.


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